Make your despair disappear. Don’t dream about your lifestyle, dare to live it.

Cocoyaya has been the home of premium shisha experience for years. Built upon the values of luxury and comfort, we epitomise what it means to take it to another level.

A delicate package of precision, class and authenticity delivered across the globe. Curating a mixture of richness and craftsmanship to make every smoke personal and memorable.

Stainless steel

The iconic stems of Cocoyaya are made from the high-grade Stainless Steel 304, where the alloy comprises premium materials such as chromium. A representation of our commitment to luxury & uncompromised quality.


The glass bases are made at our large setups where highly skilled artisans create world-class art pieces with hand cut precision. Marvel and absorb your very own masterpiece while you while you take a smoke down the memory lane.

Made in India

Born and raised in India where quality and the genius of craftsmanship reside in abundance. From the subcontinent to the world, we represent the legacy and heritage of billions.

Global Presence

From exporting to different countries to catering to the finest establishments, our authenticity is admired by all. Over a period of 4 years we’ve managed to establish a recognition worldwide, exporting our shishas to Nepal, UAE and now the luxurious landscapes of North America & Canada. Our demand by the finest establishments around the world, is a testament to our presence and pedigree of providing world-class luxury. Worldover if there is one name that is synonymous with luxury, class and shisha, then it’s COCOYAYA.

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