Denver Fly  43 Inch Rose Golden

Denver Fly 43 Inch Rose Golden

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  • A perfect fusion of classic and modern design with hand-cut glass and stainless steel parts. Denver Fly adds elegance and luxury to your shisha experience.
  • These beautiful handmade hookahs are exclusively made, making it one of the most sought after hookahs in the world, designed and sold only by Cocoyaya.
  • This beautiful FLY series hookah, to enrich your experience with lights, colours and good ambience.
  • Fly series hookahs are finely engineered to give you the best quality and smoking experience possible.
  • The design details of steel cut wings in this hookah is beyond obsession. Get fascinated every time you lay your eyes on it.
  • The handmade hookah will make for a great centerpiece in any room or display.
  • Package contains: Hookah , Base , Stem,Tongs, Tray, Chillum, Pipe.

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